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Matthias Krumb honoured with Poster Award

Matthias Krumbs was honoured with the poster price of the 27th International Society of Heterocyclic Chemistry Congress in Kyoto for his work on the Total Synthesis of a Pentasaccharide Fragment from Arabinogalactan and its Application for Allergy Prevention. Congratulations!

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Lisa Marie Kammer honoured with Poster Award

We congratulate Lisa Marie Kammer who was honoured with the MDPI poster award for her work on Visible Light-Induced Sulfonylation/Arylation of Styrenes in a Double Radical Three-Component Photoredox Reaction at the XVIII International Conference on Heterocycles in Bioorganic Chemistry (Bioheterocycles) in Ghent, Belgium.

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Successful and inspiring SYNTAX Workshop in Mainz

Within the framework of the Syntax Workshop organized by Prof. Till Opatz, participants from African and European universities came together on August 7-9 to discuss current aspects of green chemistry and modern synthetic methods in the synthesis of natural products and pharmaceutical ingredients. The three-day workshop, offered the participants the opportunity to get detailed insights in state of the art topics like biocatalysis, flow technology, photochemistry and xylochemistry by a remarkable team of lecturers like Roger Sheldon, Charles de Koning, Kennedy Ngwira (all Johannesburg), Hans-Joachim Knölker (Dresden), Oliver Kappe (Graz), Hans-Günther Schmalz (Köln) and Till Opatz (Mainz).

We thank all speakers and participants for the great time!


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New findings on the reported antidiabetic action of natural fatty acid derivatives published in Cell Metabolism

In a very successful collaboration between the healthcare company Sanofi and our group, a series of natural fatty acids, known as FAHFAs were synthesized and their antidiabetic action was investigated. Contrary to previous reports, it was found that none of these molecules was able to achieve positive effects on clearly defined endpoints in metabolism. In the hope of a constructive discussion on the discrepancy between the two studies, these results have now been published in Cell Metabolism.

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