Total synthesis of natural products

We developed syntheses of various polycyclic alkaloids, among them a highly enantioselective access to the phenanthroindolizidine (S)-Tylophorine which has been demonstrated to possess a wide range of biological activities. For instance, it has been shown to be a potent inhibitor of eukaryotic protein biosynthesis and to inhibit RNA-transcription as well as the action of several cyclins regulating the cell cycle.

For the preparation of the racemic alkaloid, a short synthesis based on the Stevens rearrangement of a nitrile-stabilized ammonium ylide has been developed. It comprises only five linear steps two or even three which can be performed in a one-pot procedure. Moreover, it requires no chromatographic purifications.

The chemistry of deprotonated α-aminonitriles in combination with Noyori`s asymmetric transfer hydrogenation allows the preparation of dimeric benzylisoquinolines such as tetramethylmagnolamine. In this case, the Ullmann diarylether synthesis was chosen to couple both benzylisoquinoline units.

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