Dr. Nina Vierengel

Institute of Organic Chemistry
Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz
Duesbergweg 10-14, 55128 Mainz
Room 2.223/02-124
Phone (06131) 39-22288
E-mail vierengel[at]uni-mainz.de
Research interests: Natural product synthesis, macrolactones, totalsynthesis, natural product elucidation

Total Synthesis of (±)-Oxacyclododecindione

K. Seipp, V. Grölz, H. Glass, E. Quraishi, N. Vierengel, T. Opatz, J. Org. Chem., 2024, 89, 5746–5763.

Structure elucidation and biological activities of perylenequinones from an Alternaria species

A. Kiefer, M. Arnholdt, V. Grimm, L. Geske, J. Groß, N. Vierengel, T. Opatz, G. Erkel, Mycotoxin Res., 2023, 39, 303-316.

Complementary Mechanochemical and Biphasic Approaches for the Synthesis of Organic Thiocyanates using Hexacyanoferrates as Non-Toxic Cyanide Sources

C. Grundke, J. Groß, N. Vierengel, J. Sirleaf, M. Schmitz, L. Krieger, T. Opatz, Org. Biomol. Chem., 2023, 21, 644-650.

Extracts of Rheum palmatum and Aloe vera Show Beneficial Properties for the Synergistic Improvement of Oral Wound Healing

L. K. Müller-Heupt, N. Wiesmann, S. Schröder, Y. Korkmaz, N. Vierengel, J. Groß, R. Dahm, J. Deschner, T. Opatz, J. Brieger, B. Al-Nawas, P. W. Kämmerer, Pharmaceutics, 2022, 14, 2060.

Antiplanktonic and Antibiofilm Activity of Rheum palmatum against Streptococcus oralis and Porphyromonas gingivalis

N. Kommerein, N. Vierengel, J. Groß, T. Opatz, B. Al-Nawas, L. K. Müller-Heupt, Microorganisms, 2022, 10, 965.

Antimicrobial Activity of Eucalyptus globulus, Azadirachta indica, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Rheum palmatum Extracts and Rhein against Porphyromonas gingivalis
L. K. Müller-Heupt, N. Vierengel, J. Groß, T. Opatz, J. Deschner, F. D. von Loewenich, Antibiotics, 2022, 11, 186.

Synthesis of Morphinans through Anodic Aryl-Aryl Coupling

N. Vierengel, L. Geske, E. Sato, T. Opatz, Chem. Rec. 2021, 21, 1 – 11.

Total synthesis and biological evaluation of seven new anti-inflammatory oxacyclododecindione-type macrolactones
C. Weber, N. Vierengel, T. Walter, T. Behrendt, T. Lucas, G. Erkel and T. Opatz, Org. Biomol. Chem., 2020, 18, 5906-5917.

α-Aminonitriles: From Sustainable Preparation to Applications in Natural Product Synthesis
C.Grundke, N. Vierengel, T. Opatz, Chem. Rec. 2020, 20989–1016.

Synthesis of α-Aminonitriles using Aliphatic Nitriles, α-Amino Acids, and Hexacyanoferrate as Universally Applicable Non-Toxic Cyanide Sources
A. M. Nauth, T. Konrad, Z. Papadopulu, N. Vierengel, B. Lipp, T. Opatz, Green Chem. 2018, 20, 4217-4223. (Cover picture).

A Regio- and Diastereoselective Anodic Aryl-Aryl-Coupling in the Biomimetic Total Synthesis of (–)-Thebaine
A. Lipp, D. Ferenc, C. Gütz, M. Geffe, N. Vierengel, D. Schollmeyer, H. J. Schäfer, S. R. Waldvogel, T. Opatz,
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.
2018, 57, 11055-11059. (VIP manuscript) (Cover picture)
Angew. Chem. 2018, 130, 11221-11225. (VIP-Manuskript) (Titelbild)